AbroadnAsia Comes to an End

So my abroadnasia journey is just about over. On Sunday, August 31st I board an Asiana 747 jet (hopefully in business class if Omma can work her magic) enroute to JFK. If you’ve been reading my blog then you know I had the most wonderful and blessed time. But all good things must come to an end.
Originally it was my intention to go to Vietnam and Osaka, Japan well I just wasn’t able to pull it off this trip. For an awesome this experience has been, it’s time for me to come home and deal with my life from a fresher, more grounded and calm perspective and I’m really looking forward to the next chapter of my life.
For now though, I’m just chillin and taking it easy with my family in Korea. … My family in Korea, what a great bunch — made up of all women; strong, funny, smart and fashionable women. There’s Halomie who holds courts from her hospital bed, she’s like the Godmother, and Don Corleone has nothing on her. She’s about three apples high and two apples wide. I’ve never seen one person receive so many visitors while in the hospital. She’s bossy too, but in that loving kind of way. Truly a character. Her biography is being published in October, so I’ll be sure to buy one for her to sign.
Then there’s Omma. Omma Gosh! is the most fitting term for her. She is like a whirlwind of energy. Not your typical maternal figure, as you won’t find her baking in the kitchen. She’s a mover and a shaker. Case in point: when I left Korea on August 9th the house was in tact, business as usual. I return to find the house turned upside down as Omma Gosh! decided to redo the entire kitchen and Halmonie’s room. Just like that. So yesterday we had to go furniture shopping for the new kitchen and then we had to eat. Omma Gosh! is big on eating, so you know we got along famously. Omma Gosh! is funny too. Jenny has this friend, Ashton, who is a really cute guy. On the surface he looks to have it all together, but that’s on the surface. He’s missing something and as Omma explained he’s missing 2%. When she said it I knew exactly what she meant. Have you ever met someone who is almost there, but is just missing 2%? Well that is Ashton. Too bad because he and Jen could have made a great couple, his just missing 2%. Oh well what are you going to do? Omma Gosh is planning a trip to the US sometime in the fall, so I plan to spend sometime with her while she’s there. I’ll attempt to treat her just as well and kindly as she’s treated me.
Then there’s Jenny. How many people do you know share their homes and families so generously and openly. Jenny is truly a blessing in my life and I’m so glad we were friends and now we’re family. I’m going to miss her and her Dalai Lama-like calm way about her. I’m also going to miss her cooking, but I did gain weight once she moved it. Jenny is truly spectacular! She’s so giving and selfless, quite the opposite from me, I guess that’s why we work so well as friends we have a balance — she gives and I take. ( I tried to give but she wouldn’t let me.) Although I’ll miss her terribly, I know that this is where she has to be for now and I know her reasons, so I’m in support of that. I pray that she finds happiness, success and love while in Korea, because I need a reason to become Seoul Baby D again and a KO-rean wedding would do the trick. Jen says she’s coming back to work the Parade, now why she would want to do that I don’t know, but I’ll be glad to have her home once again.
And of course you can’t forget the Emoes. A gaggle of women who chit chat and laugh together, and although I don’t understand the language I connect with them and understand completely what they’re talking about. Sisterhood speaks a universal language.
So you can see I’m a little sad to leave my respite, but I’m so excited to take what has been shared and revealed to me with my family, friends, sisters, brothers, parents and confidantes. I’m definitely a changed person and changed for the better.

I’m off for my last scrub down at 2PM (y’all know I wasn’t leaving here without one) and then let the count down begin for my return home.

I can’t wait to see you!

Deanna aka Seoul Baby D aka Beijing Baby D aka Shanghai Sugar D aka Hong Kong Honey D aka Bali Baby D aka AbroadnAsia

~ by abroadnasia on August 30, 2008.

One Response to “AbroadnAsia Comes to an End”

  1. Dear D to the fifth power, i’m not sure if i like you better as a sister or a friend, but i’m sure glad i can call you both!!!! And believe me when i say that my mom loved having you at our home more, because she was able to dote on someone that didn’t reject her whims and ways…Halmoni, Omma and myself are a bit regretful as there was a lot more to do and a lot more places to take you to, but w/ halmoni in the hospital, and the extreme home makeover, we weren’t able to take you to all of the places we wanted to…so we’ll wait for your next trip out here. Always travel safe, always be you and always be A BROAD! LOL!
    luv ya lotsa…

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