Bali Baby D

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August 21, 2008

Greetings family, friends and fellow bloggers,

Well I made it. I finally made it to Bali and oh what a place it is, but I’ll get to that later. My flight, which was supposed to leave at 10:05am yesterday left at 12:30PM. Which meant that by the time I landed in Denpensar, paid for my visa; stood in line for my visa and went through customs it was already evening so I didn’t have a chance to see Bali in the daylight.

Like I said my plane was delayed for two hours, what I could do. It was out of my hands, apparently there was a mechanical issue with the first plane – I wasn’t going to argue with that. So they gave us food vouchers and a new gate and told us to meet for a 12:30pm departure time. The one thing that I have known for a long time, thanks to dear old Daddy, is that you can’t worry about things you can’t change, I am now beginning to employ that mantra. I took the two hours to explore the Hong Kong airport and it’s a nice airport. I’ve never been in an airport where there is an Hermes store – impressive. Anyway, I got something to eat, at Burger King. It was only $75 HKD voucher and $75HKDs don’t by much in Hong Kong. So BK it was. Also, the spicy crab I ate from the night before decided that he too wanted to journey to Bali, so I was dealing with him, so now you understand why BK was a safe bet. After lunch I did some more airport exploring and then headed to my gate. We boarded the plane with no problem and once I got situated in my window seat (optimal for long flights so you can rest you head against the window) I was joined by the Hills of Great Britain. Now the funny thing about the Hills, Shirley Rose in particular is this woman was not going to be happy the entire flight. She wore a face as if she were sucking on a lemon and her husband; I don’t know his name was apparently getting on her nerves. He lost her socks, so her feet were cold, he wasn’t moving fast enough to put her bag away, he kept giving her his trash an on and on and on. It was quite comical and the husband was kind of a bumbling idiot in that stereotypical British kind of way. The funniest moment came as we were preparing for landing. Earlier in the flight the attendants handed us the customs and immigrations forms to fill out. Now Shirley and I filled ours out the minute they handed them to us, why wait – it was something that needed to be done and we didn’t want to have to rush to do it in the immigration line. The husband decided that he wasn’t going to fill his out then but wait until the last minute but he need Shirley to give him all of his documents and a pen to do so. In order for her to do that, she had to go into her purse, which was supposed be secured underneath the seat in front of her. So here comes the flight attendant, down the aisle ensuring that everything is stowed properly and of course in our row it wasn’t. The flight attendant was firmly stating that all bags needed to be stowed and Shirley was yelling at the husband because he waited so late to fill our his forms; the husband was just bumbling away without a care in the world. It was all very funny, I guess you had to be there, but I was there and it was funny. Finally we landed. Stowed purse and all and Shirley turns to me and says, “You go on from here alone, but I’m stuck with him” (and she cracked a smile). To which I replied I don’t think so, he’s just left you and he’s down the aisle and out the door. Funny very funny.

Once I got through the whole visa and immigration process, it took approximately an hour and half – Balinese people are in no rush, just so you know. I went outside to find my driver and there he was with a sign with my name on it –“Mr/s Deanna J. Williams,” I guess it wasn’t obvious if I were a man or a woman. Oh well. Nudi, the driver was dressed in typical Balinese garb—a head covering, not sure of the name and a batik sari (I think) for bottoms, I discovered this is typical dress for the men of Bali although a few do wear pants. We got in the car and drove from the airport to Ubud about a :45minute journey. There are more motorcycles, mopeds and bikes on the road than there are cars and the operators drive with reckless abandon on narrow one lane streets. It’s a little unnerving to say the least.

We pull up to the resort – the Alam Sari Keliki Resort and Spa to be greeted by Nico who processes my paperwork and escorts me to my room. It’s a nice room, very simple, no television or in-room internet. It’s very Bali as I’m told by Nico. I have a patio that overlooks a rice paddy and a spider who hangs out in the archway. Because it was so dark when I arrived I didn’t have the ability to really see all of the beauty of this place but now I see and appreciate. I’m writing from my patio where I’m surrounded by the most lush and green foliage. Oh the one thing I forgot to write about is that Bali, is very fragrant and aromatic. When I left the airport there were incense burning that instantly calmed me. Even throughout the drive to the resort there was a fragrance the permeated through the air. It was quite comforting. But then when I got the hotel the fragrance of fresh flowers was so overwhelming, not in an overpowering kind of way but in a sweet, gently kind of way. The flowers are so fragrant, it’s as if someone sprayed them with perfume, but it’s only the true essence of the flower.

After I had dinner, I settled into my room and tried to situate myself once again a stranger in a strange land. My bathroom is partially outside, so there for I get all the sounds of nature and some visitors too, like the world’s biggest mosquito, I swear he had to be 2 inches long and fast. I couldn’t catch it, hard as I might. But I wasn’t going out without a fight or protection. After my shower I got in to bed and secured my mosquito netting all around – tucked it under the bed just to be sure. The airport agent at Beijing took my bug repellent, so the netting was all I had to work with. Once I got into bed I was lulled to sleep by the pitter patter of the rain, the crickets and the croaking frog. I swear one of the frogs made his way into my room and began to croak for five minutes, until he realized he was in the wrong place and left. The croaking was so loud and so right there. I went back to sleep after he left, that is until about 5AM this morning when the rooster decided it was time to crow and he hasn’t stop yet. Every minute it’s cock-a-doodle-do. Someone please shut that bird up.

Today, after I get dressed and eat, I’ll head into town to see what I can see. My blogs may be delayed because I’ll have to find the internet in town, but I’ll keep writing and photographing so you don’t miss a thing.

Thanks for being with me on my journey.

Much love,

Baby D in Bali

~ by abroadnasia on August 21, 2008.

9 Responses to “Bali Baby D”

  1. Please go to the beach at least once — and take a picture — with flower in your hair.

  2. Hey Seoul, Shanghai Sugar, Hong Kong Honey, Bali Baby “D’s” and Deanna Joy Krantz Nun Peeps Williams.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to You all. In your absence I will celebrate your birthdays by purchasing a Tastykake and placing several candles on it. Have a good day.

    Love Ya,

  3. Hi Deanna, So many exciting places to see. You look so great and sounds like you’re having a blast. It’s hard keeping up with you, but I’m trying. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Have any plans for tonight? Have fun and hope to see you soon.

    All my love always, Gloria R.

  4. Happy birthday.
    You are something.
    Such a little adventure Diva. I love your writing and don’t worry about the spelling.
    May God/Buddha continue to bless your adventurous spirit.
    May your stomach stay calm and may the garlic/gas cease.
    I went to Maine for a few days to a meeting and just being in the airport for that short duration wore me out.
    But you seem to be real patient as you take in the sights and the people.
    Love Ya
    I am so proud of you……….you give me chills.

    Travel Safe and we’ll cut a green tea cake in celebration on wednesday!!! see you soon!

  6. Hi gurl friend – Happy Birthday to ya!!!! Sung in the Stevie Wonder version. I would love Bali!!!! By the way, bring home some Burger King!!!!!!!!

  7. happy birthday to you sorry i couldn’t get you at six am this morning as is mt tradition. enjoying your blog very much. obama-biden is the ticket. i must keep you up to speed on the political front. continue enjoying you journey. love you much. aunt jan


    I guess it will be hard for you to ever forget this birthday as you have spent it in such an unbelievable way. What a gift!

    Love ya,

  9. Hi Deanna. I found your blog after much searching. I thought that you had a birthday around now. Happy Birthday. It sounds like you are having a fabulous time. You are missed at church but this experience is wonderful. I’ll take you to dinner when you return so I can hear all about in person. You are missed.
    love, hope

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