Hong Kong Honey D, day 2

Okay, so I want to thank everyone for commenting on my blog.  I miss talking to all of you on a daily basis, hell I just miss talking for that matter.  Since there is this language barrier and I am traveling alone, I don’t have anyone to talk to. Outside of ordering food, which is usually pointing and gesturing, I don’t say much.  I’m so starved for speaking, I’ve begun to hum to myself just to ensure I still have a voice.  I know it sounds weird and I probably scare people off but it’s lonely traveling alone.  It’s so bad, I just tried to help other tourist navigate through Hong Kong.  Now, what do I know about Hong Kong and how can I be of help?? 

I’m now sitting in the hotel lobby — free wifi.  I just came back from dinner, and trust me I’m trying to be a trooper about but some of these native delights but even the ones I consider normal are a little too much for my stomach. Tonight I decided, I was going to try another restaurant. Throw caution to the wind and order a dish of Hong Kong.  So I showered, got all gussied up (as best I could,as I didn’t bring my finery with me) and  I went to this restaurant called Sang Kee. Time Out Hong Kong listed it as a place dine for Cantonese comfort food.  Time Out also suggested the steamed garopa (which I assumed was fish) dishes. It took me some time to find the restaurant as it’s located on Hennessy Road; a main thoroughfare in Times Square Hong Kong on the second floor of a residential building.  I passed by it four times because when you walk down the streets of Hong Kong, you can’t look up to see the store signs, you have to look straight ahead or you’ll run smack dab into someone.  Unlike NYCer’s Hong Kong people walk slowly, so I haveto bob and weave through them to get to my destination, which I generally don’t have a desitnation, but I digress.  Anyway, once I found the restaurant I went in.  It just so happened I walked in the same time as a party of four walked in and the hostess seated them.  After about five minutes she noticed I was still standing there and she pointed to the party, as if I should join them.  I said “no” I’m alone and then she said “oh, one minute” and then handed me a note to go upstairs to another dining room– the dining room for single, non-Chinese speaking, don’t understand what you’re ordering foreigners — that’d be me.  Anyway once seated I looked over the menu and remembered what Time Out had suggested, so I ordered the steam garopa with eggplant and garlic.  Oh Boy! I thought this is going to be good.  And it was good, althought I didn’t eat much of the fish. It was kind of slimy, I think it was Chilean seabass and there was and eye ball staring back at me.  I ate the eggplant, as it was sauteed in butter and garlic, (great combination) and I did what I could with the fish but it wasn’t much meat to work with and I don’t do slime to well.  Whatever I ate I’m still living with it as I write.  I’m a little ge-asssy, good thing I’m alone — garlic and gas, (not a great combination, no sexy, no sexy). Well this too shall pass (let us hope)  Until then, I guess I’ll risk offending my fellow lobby-dwellers.

On another note, this is how good God is, just as I finished writing about how starved I am for conversation, three Americans, I’m mean Black people walked in and said “Hi”. Two of them, a couple Helen and Steve are from LA and their friend, who her name escapes me is from Harlem.  They’re over here same as I am, went to Beijing and are now here.  They’ve also been to Osaka ( one of my planned destinations).  They too, weren’t all that thrilled about Beijing, so see it’s not just me.  Well whatever the case, I was just glad to be talking to folk. And my folk at that.

Donna my sister-slash-editor has told me to be mindful of my spelling.  Well, I’m on vacation and y’all know what I mean.  But I’ll try to be better.

Things I’ve taken note of:

Women in China and Hong Kong wear panty hose all day every day, in the heat and humidy.  Don’t know how they do it.

There is no ginger ale in China.

Hip Hop is everywhere and in every language.

I could live in Hong Kong if I had to.


Peace out for now homies.

~ by abroadnasia on August 18, 2008.

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