Hong Kong Honey D

Do you see a theme here?

Anyway I’m back in Interet business, well free internet from the lobby of my hotel, otherwise it will cost you $20 dollars a day from your hotel.  Did I mention I was on a budget.

Nevermind that, I’ve landed in Hong Kong or what I like to consider civilized paradise after Beijing and Shanghai. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I was in a third world country when I was in those cities, although they did leave a lot to be desired.  Now I’m in the land of wealth, decadence, and extravagance.  In the few short hours that I’ve been here and literally I’ve only been here for two hours I’ve seen four Bently’s; several Porsches, three Ferraris and two Maseratis, all in a 5 minute time period. While I was car watching, I wasn’t watching the road and almost got hit by a tram (trolley) and a double decker bus.  Note to self, Hong Kong drives on the wrong side of the road. 

Anyway, I’m feeling quite comfortable in my temporary home.  My hotel accomodations are small and modern compare to the old mansion style of the Astor House.  And if I didn’t feel like a budget travel before I was quickly reminded when I inquired about my windows to a very nice and fluend English speaking front desk agent:

ME:Do the windows open? 

Agent: No, we don’t have insurance to cover anyone falling out, accidentally or otherwise.   

Me: Are all the windows frosted? (Yes, frosted so you can’t see anything I’m starting to feel klaustrophic in my well furnished cell).

Agent: Only the Superior room windows are frosted because they face the expressway and there really isn’t a view.  (Translation, if you weren’t so cheap you’d have a better view with windows that open.)

Oh well, who needs unfiltered light it’s over rated and I do’t plan on being in my room too much anyway.

After I semi-unpacked, I headed out to Times Square Hong Kong style to soak up some of the nightlife culture and to get something to eat. I promise I’ll try all of the Hong Kong delicacies, as the city boasts some of the best seafood in the world and I’m dying (poor choice of words) to try this thing called a hairy crab.  It’s supposed to be fantastic.  I’ll be sure to take lots of pictured of the food, so that you can have the same experience as me.  I have to say the seafood is extremely fresh, can’t get no fresher as you meet it before you eat it.  (I crack myself up)

Now where was I, Times Square. Just like home.  Overly lit with obnoxious neon lights. Store fronts that advertise everything; Omega watches, foot massages, jewellery, and food.  I felt right at home, expecially when I remembered how to cross the street without being road kill.  After I downed a 7UP, I walked around to find a seafood joint.  It had to be a joint because a lot of the locals were there  and it had the familiar feeling.  I was immediately greeted and seated.  My stomach was still a little funky so I decided to play it safe and order seafood fried rice, which was actually very good.  I’ll be more adventurous tomorrow.

I hate to cut this short but my battery is dying and I want to post tonight.  Also check out the comment from my friend Elizabeth Wellington she blogged about on the Philly Inquire blog.  Check it out.  Thanks Betty.


Until we blog again,

Hong Kong Honey D


~ by abroadnasia on August 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “Hong Kong Honey D”

  1. BEAUT-I-FUL is the word for sure! you and bernadette were great with the junior yellow-shirters! that was an entry well worth my time, your money and my emotions (you know, i’m anna’s chile).

    your hotel accommodations are quite a hoot! heck, if you weren’t cheap, you wouldn’t be able to share so much.

    i’m lovin’ it!!!! keep it comin’

    luv ya!

  2. Donna called me and reminded me to look at the blog and it was great. I love the yellow shirters and all that went with that conversation and improving world relations.
    Love your description of each place that you’ve been and how you capture stuff like naked babies and lugies.
    Love Ya
    Be careful crossing the street over there.

  3. This trip is wearing me out. . . all the hotels, heat, destinations, food. I am exhausted. I guess that lets you know how vividly you have portrayed your escapades to those of us who remain here in the USA.
    Continue to be safe and smart about your surroundings.
    Love ya’
    Auntie Pat

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