Shanghai Sugar Baby D here live from, you guessed it Shanghai.

First let me wish my Dad a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I tried to call both phones but to know answer.  Have a Great Day!
I realized there were some basic things I didn’t go over with you about Beijing:
First, there weren’t any people that I saw wearing masks, so although I was informed to wear a mask with a little bit of toothpast on the inside, I would have been the only wearing one and I didn’t want to stand out any more than I did.  And yes, I did stand out.  Unlike not feeling special in Korea, I felt really special in Beijing.  There were not many of me just hanging out in Beijing.  A lot of people stared, out of what I assumed was curiosity, like “who is this person, is she a celebrity (of course I ate that up).  This one man was staring so hard that he had to call me to the attention of his wife.  I finally said “hello” because I was tired of being gawked at.  I guess this is why I’m not a famous singer or actress, this and I have not singing or acting abilities.
Also, when walking in the streets of China, do be surprised to be pushed or gently shoved out of the way. I have found there is no word or understanding of “excuse or pardon.”  And the Chinese are quick, don’t hesitate to get on line, they cut in front of you whenever they have the chance.  And this isn’t me being me, Chantal, my Let’s Go China book stated it as well, so I’m not making it up.
Now for my short time in Shanghai, again, I apologize again for no photos, I have them but it’s a pain in the butt trying to upload them from China.  I arrived in Shanghai, to the same smog and haze I left or thought I left in Beijing.  There was also a torrential downpour, I think they call it a typhoon also occurred on my first day, so I was confined to my room, which was ok because I was a little tired. Traveling can wear you out.  Anyway, from what I was able to see in Shanghai on my short adventure out was an old, bustling, city.  The streets are filled with reckless driving cars, busses, mo-peds and bicycles.  You really take your life in to your own hands when you venture to cross the street. 
On my first day in Shanghai,  I did meet a very sweet tween-age girl, who identified that I was a foreigner and came up to me and said “hi.” I think she wanted to practice her English, which was fine with me because Chinese is not easy to speak, understand and read.  I don’t know how Sherri learned the language so quickly.  Anyway, the little girl (can’t remember her name) was so sweet and cute. She was with her parents and they were walking along the Bund.  She also was recovering from a surgery of some kind around her neck ( I saw the stitches and the bandages). 
Sidebar, the children of China are great!  They’re so polite and want to speak to you. While Bernadette and I were on the Wall we were surrounded by children, who all they wanted to do was chat with us.  They were helping us (unsuccessfully) with our Chinese, and practicing their English on us.  They’re very polite and formal.  It was so touching.
I’ve planned my itinerary for today. After breakfast I’ll head over to the Old City Concession and the Former French Concession.  So I’ll have much to talk about, hopefully.
To my sister Donna, I’ll try to exerience as much of the delicacies as I can, you know I’m adventurous.  However unlike, Anthony Bourdain, I’m not traveling with a camera crew or first aid crew, so I’ll have to be a little selective.  Surely you understand.
To everyone else, thanks for reading my blog I love having you on my journeys.
Much love.
Zia Jian (good bye)
Shanghai Sugar Baby D

~ by abroadnasia on August 15, 2008.

6 Responses to “Shanghai Sugar Baby D here live from, you guessed it Shanghai.”

  1. Hi !!! of course have to start with a “MISS YOU”!! Your trip is amazing so far .. I love feeling like I’m there with you. So, I don’t know if your up on what’s going on here, so I’ll a few tidbits so you’re up to date:

    1. allegedly Jennifer Aniston got married … false
    2. I starred in my first music video for Team Blackout ..i’m a video vixen now … thanks for the hook-up
    3. Our nephew Kai’s birthday was this week
    4. Unfortunately, we lost Bernie Mac & Isaac Hayes this weekend .. pour one for the homies 🙂

    That’s all for now … xoxo

  2. Wow Deanna! You look like you’re having a great experience! LAG hipped me to your web page and it’s so sad that you have to be 1/2 way across the world for me to see your face…but I digress.
    Be careful, but be enjoy! This is a once in a lifetime experience…ok…with you it may happen again.
    Love and miss your crazy butt!

  3. where are we going next? hong kong? wherever, it beats school shopping and tween angst.

    do be careful eating the food. i understand fully, and despite my curiosity, i would forego some things too!

    keep blogging!

  4. Hi Deanna! So great to see hear share the adventure! Bon voyage! Tami

  5. PS Remeber 1/1/2008: It’s good to be alive!

  6. So glad that we are back in touch. Your stories are so interesting and I’m having a vicarious Far East experience as I read about your adventures.
    Stay well and keep taking in all the sights, scenes and people.
    We’ll have to put you on the lecture circuit when you return.
    oh your Dad was in Atlantic City on his birthday trying to make some money to pay for your trip.Just kidding.
    Love Ya

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