arrived safe and sound in beijing

hi everyone, this is jenny…

Deanna just called me this morning to have me post on her behalf since she’s been having internet problems.  She arrived in beijing safe and sound yesterday and wanted to let everyone know that her posts and responds to emails will be a day or so late….so stay tuned…

thanks everyone!!!!

~ by abroadnasia on August 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “arrived safe and sound in beijing”

  1. thanks, jenny. needless to say that i was getting concerned ’cause i emailed her, and got no response, and didn’t see a recent post.

    give your family my regards and thank you and yours for taking such good care of my sister.

  2. jenny, good to hear from you hop all is well with your grandmother i have been praying for her speedy return to good health. i miss deanna and my sunday call but am so glad to hear that all is well and she is on her way to another adventure. my love to all. aunt jan.

  3. Hi Titianna, I mean Seoul Baby D. You are truly getting your groove back over in Asia and hiking mountains too. You are my she-ro. Love you lady and I will continue to pray for your traveling mercies. P.S. I hope you snagged me an “anti bush” tee shirt at the rally…and of course a copy of the singing boy’s latest CD…it’s gotta be high on the Billboards. Love ya smootches! Jenny girl…thanks for looking out for my dearest friend, whom I met many many many many moons ago…she’ll have you believe that she is a yougin’….not! Love you titianna see you on the westside. LAG

  4. deanna, have fun in beijing!!!!

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