Off to Beijing

The first leg of my Asian excursion is over and I’m now off to Beijing to meet up with Joseph and Bernadette who are in Beijing for work.  I’m excited to see them both because I haven’t seen Joseph since December and Bernadette since I left Swatch Group last summer.


I’m told Beijing is extremely hot, and considering the weather in Korea didn’t fall below 90 degrees I can’t imagine how hot Beijing is going to be.  Well in a couple of hours I won’t have to.


I left the Han family in tact, and preparing for a dance workshop this weekend – Omma’s taking care of that.  Jen is staying with Halmoni while she’s still recovering in the hospital.


So I’ll close out with this: God is Love and We are One. Peace and blessings.


Seoul Baby D.

~ by abroadnasia on August 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Off to Beijing”

  1. Have fun, Be good!!!

  2. i am so enjoying your adventure. don’t get many pictures hope i’m not doing something wrong. i love seeing you. keep them coming. enjoy every minute. love you aunt jan.

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