Just a few images

Hi again,

Take a look at a few images I’ve taken so far.

Waiting for the Subway

Waiting for the Subway

~ by abroadnasia on August 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Just a few images”

  1. OMG – We once again have the same hair do! I let my crop grow out to a bob too. We are clearly both going for “black katie holmes”!!!! I am howling over your entry! You got that SEOUL GLOW!!! I’m leaving for Beijing in the morning….can’t wait to see you! I got braids so no one will mix us up and….we wont be the only two sistah’s in Beijing (cause last time i was out there…i was totally a one of a kind) theres the whole entire girls USA track & field team too. Sure to be braided up like 125th!!! See you soon…on the other side! XOXO – Bernadette

  2. You look great! (Jenny must be taking the picture)

  3. Thought you were shearing your head. Glad you didn’t. Glad you went all the way to Korea to learn a proper bathing technique.

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